We’re crushing on this guy who took his cat to prom

Cat lovers, get ready to meet the man of your dreams. Our new internet crush is a guy who took his cat to prom. As his date, guys!

Imgur user caroline12006 posted the following photo over the weekend with the caption, “My brother took our cat to prom.”

Is this real? (Please be real? PLEASE.)My brother took our cat to prom

According to caroline12006, her brother couldn’t get a date. We’re not sure we’re buying that because clearly he’s a major catch. I mean, look at the dreamy expression on the cat’s face. The kitty, named Ruby, obviously feels like the luckiest girl (um, I mean cat) in the entire world. Oh and major props to Ruby for bringing her A game when it came to prom fashion. Way to rock that pink satin dress, girl.

This guy is obviously the cat’s meow. We have a feeling he won’t have any trouble getting dates for the foreseeable future. Just saying.


*cat with heart eyes emojis forever*

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