There’s a sweatshirt with a pocket for your cat to sleep in and we want it

Hear ye, hear ye, the invention for all of us extreme cat cuddlers has arrived. Behold, the Mewgaroo! It’s a sweatshirt that has a pocket for your kitty or pup to sleep in! Yes just like a kangaroo pouch. Mewgaroo! Genius, right?

You just throw one of these on and your tiny animal friend can crawl right in! It’s perfect for those of us who have cats or tiny dogs that like to claim permanent residence on our laps while we do our important life work that involves watching Netflix and Internet sleuthing. How will we ever get out of this sedentary life now?

The cotton sweatshirt, available only in grey, has a removable insert so you easily clean your pet’s dander. Unless you have one of those hairless cats, of course. The Mayor of Cozytown approves. I have only one question, will it fit a 40-lb French bulldog?

The sweatshirt is available for preorder and will be in stock May 26.

Mewgaroo sweatshirt, $92USD