This spray makes everything smell like a cat’s head. No, for real.

What’s the best smell in the entire world? Some say freshly-baked cookies, others claim it’s the smell of rain. Cat lovers, however, may have an answer that seems kind of weird to anyone else. . . because to them, the back of their cat’s head is what truly smells heavenly.

It may sound crazy to anyone who hasn’t taken a whiff of their feline’s cranium, but hey, many people have mused about the weird phenomenon of cat aroma. And if you’re reading this nodding fervently in support of your aromatic cat, good news! You can now buy a spray that smells like your cat’s head. Yep, seriously.

A Japanese company called Felissimo has developed a scented fabric spray that smells like the back of your kitty’s head. And for those of you who are still like, “What does a cat’s head even smell like?” the company based the scent off the smell of baked bread, which is exactly what many cat owners claim it resembles. This was a serious venture for the company: The head of Yamamoto Perfumery spent four months researching the scent by traveling to different cat cafes and smelling cats’ heads. Cuddling kittens sounds like pretty great research to us.

The result, Fluffy Brow Scented Fabric Water, can be sprayed on your couch, blankets, and carpets to give them the scent of your cat’s head, because hey, why not. Bottles can be purchased online for 1,200 yen — or $9.90 — each.

Pretty great price for the ultimate feline-lover, TBH. What a cat-tastic world we live in. Also, Japan: You guys think of everything.

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