This cat is hilariously incapable of taking off his Santa hat

‘Tis the season for mistletoe, brightly wrapped packages, mushy holiday movies…oh and Santa hats. Unless you’re a cat. Then maybe skip the hat part and just stick with catnip and scratching posts under the tree. Unfortunately for Murphy, an orange tabby cat, his humans didn’t get the memo about said hats. They strapped a Santa hat right on top of Murphy’s noggin and…well…he didn’t exactly love it. (That’s actually a next-level understatement. He hated it.

To make things even more humiliating for Murphy, he couldn’t even get a good look at the strange object on his head. Every time the poor kitty turned around, he caught only a fleeting glimpse. It was mortifying. (And hilarious.) Don’t feel bad, Murphy. We’re laughing WITH him, not at him. Or something like that.

[Image and video via Youtube.]

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