This cat came back for Christmas 7 years after going missing

Eighteen-year-old Elena Hanke from Berlin, Germany, got a real Christmas miracle this year, and it’s one she’s been waiting for since she was just eleven years old. Back in 2008, Elena’s beloved black and white cat, Miko, went missing. She and her family searched in vain for the kitty, but were never able to find their pet — until now. In a twist of fate like something straight out of a holiday movie, Miko found her way home on Christmas Day.

According to the Guardian, the kitty turned up just a handful of kilometers from where Elena’s family used to live. Miko was taken to an animal rescue, where the kitty was identified via microchip. (Side note: Microchip your pets, guys!)

A spokesperson for a Berlin association for the protection of animals said in announcement, “A family from the Charlottenburg [neighbourhood] this year experienced a Christmas story with a particularly happy ending…They learned on Christmas day that their cat, Miko, had been found – seven years later.”

Happy ending indeed. Here’s to Elena and Miko being reunited at last. We can’t think of a better Christmas present.

Cat heart eyes emojis forever!

(Image via Twitter.)

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