This cat refuses to walk in a harness, because you really can’t make cats do anything

Try to make a cat comply with your demands, and you’ll probably (most definitely) be disappointed. However, if you’re lucky, you’ll be entertained at the same time, as were these humans who tried and failed spectacularly to get a cat to walk while wearing a harness.

Despite the attractive bright pink color of the harness, along with the promise of spending quality time outside, this frustrated feline simply wasn’t going for these human shenanigans. Clearly, this is an example of a cat trying to talk with its body language, which says, “Leave me TF alone.”

This isn’t the first anti-harness cat, but it’s definitely one of the funniest.

According to the video description, the kitty’s owners were trying to be responsible by putting her on a leash for her first time venturing outside, but the cat decided to put the pause on their plans by pulling out one of the oldest yet most effective tricks in the book: playing dead.

"We put a harness on our cat, because we wanted to take her outside safely for the first time, the video caption reads. "She obviously didn't like the harness."

Not one bit.

As HuffPost points out, there are actually legitimate benefits to getting your cat to walk on a leash (yes, it can be done!). They get to explore, sniff, and scratch stuff in a safe manner. The key is getting them comfortable with the arrangement before they leave the house, which is clearly one of the many hilarious struggles to which well-meaning cat owners can relate.