This cat reacted to an optical illusion in the most relatable way

Every day is technically #caturday because felines are constantly exhibiting behavior that lets us know how much they truly are like us (minus the fur, paws, and tails, but you get what we’re saying). That said, let’s not waste another minute pretending like this cat’s reaction to an optical illusion isn’t the most relatable thing ever.

We initially thought this cat belonged to Olivia Wilde, aka the queen of optical illusions, but she hasn’t stepped up to claim the animal, so there’s that. So, does anyone remember that brick wall optical illusion or  — brace yourselves  — the white and gold or blue and black dress that unraveled the minds of everyone who encountered it?

Of course you do because your nightmares won’t ever let you forget it.

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just when we think our brains are capable of solving some pretty complicated problems (except for the ones that don’t involve pictures of dresses), a seemingly simple puzzle that is intentionally designed to mess with our minds comes along and confuses the hell out of us.

That brings us to this perplexed cat whose adorable reaction to a “rotating snakes design” illustrates how people and felines are basically one in the same.

When met with these mental challenges, our minds are initially baffled — then we pounce on the task with fierce determination. When we still can’t figure out exactly WTH is going on, we get angry and eventually start destroying things.

We feel ya, cat. When it comes to optical illusions, this feline is definitely our spirit animal.