Dear new cat owners: this sound does not mean your cat is broken

Owning and taking care of a pet is a right of passage. For most, it happens in the confines of your childhood home whenever your parents decide you’re ready for more responsibility. For others, it happens when you become independent and move out. If you are part of the second group and are a new cat owner — this article is for you. The message is clear: if you are a new cat owner and you hear this sound, it does not mean your cat is broken.

Twitter user @SarahHollowell shared an amazing story that happened to a friend who just got a cat. Her friend had never owned cats before and just happen to stumble into a cat-lationship accidentally. A cat showed up at his doorstep and he started to feed it. The relationship blossomed, and the cat adopted him as her owner and he adopted her as his pet.


But then, things took a turn. Once the cat was inside the house, Sarah’s friend noticed something.

The noise was nothing he had heard before and he started to panic. In fact, he called the vet, made an appointment and took the cat in out of worry. When the vet examined the cat, the vet understood what the problem was. As a new cat owner, Sarah’s friend had no idea that the kitty was actually purring out of contentment and love.


So, if you are a new cat owner, you might want to hold off rushing to the hospital after hearing a strange noise. Your love might just be the trigger.