This cat beyond photobombed its family’s portrait

I think there’s some sort of conspiracy going on amongst our pets. Because guys, cats and dogs have been rocking the photobombing game lately. HARD. There was the cat that outright upstaged its human doing yoga. And then there was the dog that totally photobombed his owner’s engagement pictures. Now, thanks to Reddit user linkinstreet, we’ve set our eyeballs on the ultimate pet photobomb. Seriously, if it were a contest, this cat would win all the prizes.

The photo is captioned “cat photobombs a family portrait,” and um, that’s quite an understatement. This is photobombing at a whole new level. It might actually be the most epic family portrait of all time. You can’t see the family members all that well (or at all, technically) but we love the look on this cat’s face. It’s sort of like hey, aren’t you forgetting somebody?! Because obviously, they did. Even though the humans in the photo have been reduced to little more than a blur, you can tell that some serious staging and posing went down. And in all that effort to capture the perfect family pic, no one made a place for poor kitty. (At least we suspect that’s the cat’s version of the story.)

But this cat will NOT be forgotten. Ever.

[Image via Reddit.]

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