This cat has a permanent sad face but his inspiring story is making our hearts smile

Cute cat story, anyone? Get ready for your heart to melt. This cat has a permanent sad face, but his story turned out to be a happy one, according to The Huffington Post.

BenBen is the cat in question. Earlier this year, he was scheduled to be euthanized. But then fate — and Sandy Windover — stepped in.

Windover works at an emergency vet clinic in British Columbia and met BenBen when a rescue worker brought him in.

I fell in love right away,” Windover told The Huffington Post.

Some of the cat’s injuries included a crushed spine, a damaged ear, and several lacerations. Awww, poor guy. And, he wouldn’t eat, drink, or move. All in all, the cat needed immediate medical attention. Plus, the excess skin on his face makes him look sad, reported BoredPanda.

Due to all of the cat’s medical conditions, he was transferred to the BCSPCA hospital and deemed “unadoptable” and was in line to be euthanized.

Enter superhero Windover and her boyfriend, Adam.

“Adam and I found out and we just had to bring him home,” Windover told The Huffington Post. “We decided to adopt him because we believe everyone deserves a chance! He was so broken and sick and didn’t look like he’d ever been loved!! His face melted our hearts and we knew we had to take a chance on him!”

Awwww. (We’re not crying, we swear!)

Amazingly, Windover and her boyfriend “managed to get everything sorted out the day before his scheduled euthanization and brought him to his forever home,” she told LoveMeow.

Unbelievable, right?! (Okay, now we’re crying.)

Then, the cat got all fixed up — and even got this cute pink bandage.

Not only are we ~so happy~ that Windsor and her boyfriend adopted BenBen, but the internet seems to be, too. BenBen has 27,000 Instagram fans, and counting.

Within an hour of being at his new home, BenBen was a different cat, purring, smiling, and cuddling. And, he was able to walk (despite vets saying he wouldn’t be able to again). He also does other cat-like things, like runs and jumps.

Awwwwww. Look at that face! How can you refuse that face?!

He even looks cute after a bath!

BenBen has a lot of hobbies. He loves to go exploring.

And likes playing Hide and Go Seek.

And dressing up.

And celebrating Halloween.

Other times, he prefers relaxing in front of the TV.

Or chilling out with his bunny toy.

Or trying to catch a fish.

Or attempting to steal a slice of pizza… or the whole box!

And he seems to be thankful for his followers.

Awww, BenBen, we’re just as thankful for you. And the couple who adopted you.

Btw, is BenBen making you want to adopt a cat as much as it’s making us want to?

Even though National Cat Day was a few weeks agoevery day is Cat Day to us, and it’s never too late to adopt a purring friend, amirite?! And if you can’t? Windover and her boyfriend have a GoFundMe page to help local stray animals who need medical attention.

Meanwhile, we’ll be keeping tabs on what BenBen, the-sad-faced-but-actually-very-happy-cat, is up to next on Instagram.