So, research just told us what cat people’s personalities are like (Spoiler: they’re amazing)

So we love ourselves some cat science. Whenever feline research is conducted, we are first in line for the results. As of late, cat science has informed us that cats aren’t actually more aloof than dogs, they’re just wilder. Also, that house cats basically have the same brains as African lions . And sorry cat lovers, but cats may be sociopaths after all. So we feel like we’ve got sufficient cat research for the time being. But what about cat PEOPLE, you guys, what does science say about the cat ladies, and the cat dudes, and just the cat everybodies?

As The Huffington Post reports, Newsy just put together a video compiling research about cat people. As host Eugene Daniels explained, having a cat can actually say a lot about your personality.

Daniels starts out by explaining that cat people tend to be introverted, especially when compared to people who have dogs. Cat people also tend to be less concerned with following the rules and more focused on getting the job done.

If you cat-lovers out there are like, “Hey, wait a second, I’m not an anti-social rule breaker,” just hang on, we’re about to get to the part where research just gives you straight-up compliments. As Newsy reports, research also shows that cat people tend to be more intelligent than dog people (as a dyed-in-the-wool dog person, I am very begrudgingly granting cat people this victory). Also, cat people tend to be more sensitive than dog people. So…. smart, sensitive, introverted, not much use for the rules... are cat people basically just cats? They do have a lot in common with the animals they love so well.

Additionally, though owning a pet gives people more health benefits than not owning a pet, owning a dog offers more health benefits than owning a cat (finally, a win for the dog people!)

It’s worth noting that more people surveyed considered themselves dog people than cat people- 60% for dogs vs. a mere 11% for cats. We dog people, we are legion.

So the next time someone calls you a “cat lady,” you thank them, because they’re basically saying you’re brilliant, sensitive, and a non-conformist heroine from a bestselling YA dystopian series, a compliment if ever we’ve heard one.


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