Cat Pants Saved My Life

Okay, okay. I know what you’re thinking. And yes, I will be your new best friend. But first I need to explain how twenty-dollar kitty trousers changed my life.

After a recent break-up my life was a bit of a mess. Not the Elle-Woods-throw-chocolate-at-the-TV-mess, but more along the lines of who-the-hell-am-I-now-mess. My relationship had lasted on and off for years, and now that it was officially off, I had realized I had no idea want it meant to be me. I was a newly single twenty-two year old who completely changed herself to fit the mold my ex-boyfriend wanted me to be. Lame, right? I was young and stupid, give me a break! I’ve watched Enough and Sleeping With the Enemy enough times that I can tell you even J-Lo and Julia Roberts can make mistakes in the man department!

Often we find ourselves in these situations. We’ve consumed 6 pints of Ben and Jerry’s Half Baked ice-cream, gulped down three bottles of wine, spent a chunk of change on those new boots (STOP JUDGING ME), and now we reflect. During a solid ice-cream consumption evening, I realized I had changed almost everything about me to make my ex-boyfriend happy, and yet he still wasn’t happy! Our relationship still ended. I suppressed everything that people had loved about me in order to please that sonofagun, and all I got was this stinkin’ t-shirt (kidding) and a lot of dirty wineglasses.

I thought of everything I missed about the old Emily. She was goofy! She was spunky! She was sassy! My ex had turned me into a homebody sloth, and not the adorable cute meme kind but rather the actual sloth kind. I needed me back. And I found me hanging in the Ragstock store window. She was a glorious pair of space-patterned leggings with flying kittens all over them. They were everything my ex had suppressed and more. And they were now all mine.

I wore those pants with pride, and the stares and compliments I received were everything I wished they would be and more. But I didn’t buy them for the compliments, I bought them for me. To finally let myself realize that I am more than just a duo, and I am better than any guy who makes me into something I’m not. I’m a goofy girl who wears cat pants, and I’m proud!

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