12 truths all cat owners have come to accept

This post was written by Lindsey Robertson on The Dodo.

1. Your sink is basically just another sofa bed. 

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2. The Dog is not in charge. 

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3. “Mischief” takes on a whole new meaning when felines are involved.

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4. Selfies are now a group activity.

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5. There IS such a thing as a post-meal snack. 

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6. Computers are not for work, they are for warming. 

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7. Sometimes you have to just let them sit and think about cat stuff. 

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8.  There is nothing more sacred than “Stare Out The Window” time. Do not disturb.

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9. A box will always be more appealing than an expensive toy … 

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10. … The same goes for fancy beds. 

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11. Sleeping can actually be an all-day activity. 

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12. Most important of all: you know you will never find a more entertaining or snuggly companion.

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If you feel ready and able to provide a loving forever home to a cat, you can check out adoption options on ASPCA’s website.

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