This cat is not a fan of the flute

Taste in music is definitely a subjective thing, but most of us can tolerate pretty much anything without going into a psychotic rage. Not so for a certain kitty in a new video posted to YouTube the other day. The video features the cat’s owner sitting cross-legged on the floor while practicing playing her flute. We think she sounds pretty amazing. Her cat, on the other hand, disagrees. Big time.

This cat is not messing around, you guys. We’re not talking about a few playful bats at the flute. The kitty engages in a full-on assault against the instrument. There’s no escape for the poor musician, either. So long as she’s holding onto the flute, she’s in the cat’s crosshairs. Honestly, I’m stunned she didn’t end up hurling the thing across the room. (I totally would have.) Kitty is not into music appreciation. At all. It’s really cute (in a horrific kind of way).

The flautist takes the criticism remarkably well. Mostly she laughs it off, when she’s not, you know, screaming in terror and trying to squirm away from the angry cat’s sharp claws. And pointy cat fangs. And ambush-style pouncing.

We’re thinking she might need a new place to practice…with a locked door. Just saying.

(Image and video via YouTube.)