This cat is SO not amused and we GET it

Part of the appeal of the infamous Grumpy Cat is that he embodies how we all sometimes feel. On days when we’re just not having it, we can channel our inner Grumpy Cat and accept the fact that not every day is filled with rays of sunshine and rainbows.

And that’s why we love and totally identify with this (possible Grumpy Cat cousin?) feline who is trying to be really clear with their playful and persistent owner that they are just not feeling it today.

Listen, if someone were sticking their finger in my face on a day when my patience was low, I would have the same glare in my eyes this cat has in his. The biggest difference, of course, is that my attempted thwarts of the playfulness would not be nearly as delightful as this four-legged fluffball.

This poor cat is trying to make it perfectly clear (and understandably so) that those fingers need to get out of his personal space. But every time he bats them away, he does so in such a charming way that the owner can’t help but come back for more. It’s the blessing and curse of being so insanely cute, I guess. I mean, when you wear a giant bell around your neck, you’re going to automatically be considered precious no matter how much you try and glare someone or something down.

Sorry, kitty. That’s just how it is.

Hopefully eventually the hand let this patient kitty get a well-deserved break from playing. Though, TBH, we don’t blame them if they kept this adorable entertainment up for hours.