This cat café is looking for a cat nanny, so there’s that

We all had dream careers when we were little. In elementary school, I wanted to be “Madonna,” cone bra and all. (My parents were not so supportive of that dream.) Before that, “mermaid” was what I’d answer when curious aunts and uncles asked that ever-so annoying question: “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Well, had I known it was a possibility, I certainly would have said “cat nanny.” Heck, that’s my dream career now. And for all those little girls and boys out there who, like me, love themselves some felines, it’s time to move to Manchester, because Cat Café Manchester is looking for a cat nanny! Get those resumes ready, guys.

The job description makes the gig seem pretty sweet:

I mean, this place looks like cat paradise:

Some experience is required: The ideal candidate will have experience caring for and handling cats, as well as some retail experience. (Not to mention a paws-itive attitude!) The job is hourly, with a starting rate of 7.40 pounds, or just over $10, an hour. You get paid to cuddle with cats? Awesome. Or should I say claw-some?

So do you think you have what it takes? Applications are due April 29th — so hurry! Stop pro-cat-stinating! (Guys, I am sorry, I can’t stop with the puns.) Who knows, with the right cat-titude, you might be surrounded by new fluffy feline friends this May.