There’s a fish-selling cat named Dog living in Vietnam, and Twitter is head over heels in love

What if we told you there’s a cat named Dog that helps sell fish at a local market in Vietnam? If it sounds too good to be true, well, you’re wrong. Luckily, the cat named Dog is very real, and there are many adorable photos to prove it.

But first, a bit of backstory. Photos of the cat named Chó (which means “Dog” in English) went viral this week on Twitter, but the 3-year-old Scottish fold has enjoyed a certain level of Instagram fame for awhile now. The adorable kitty, who has nearly 60,000 followers on Instagram (and even more on Facebook), can usually be found hanging out with the fish vendors at Hai Phong market. Which, of course, makes total sense, because Dog is actually a cat.

Dog’s owner, 25-year-old Lê Quốc Phong, told BuzzFeed that Dog is a “friendly guy” who is “quite popular at the market.” 

"It was really hot the day I adopted Dog and he was breathing like a dog, so that's how he got his name," Phong said in an interview with BuzzFeed. "My goal is to make Dog famous. I want to promote Dog in Vietnam for people to know more about our country."

Phong also loves to dress up the cat named Dog in the cutest little costumes. Cat lovers everywhere, prepare to be obsessed. Here’s Dog in all his glory:

As you can see, we don’t mean just casual sweaters. Dog isn’t afraid to model full-on kitty ensembles.

Here’s Dog just casually patrolling the streets of Vietnam in a police getup.

Look at this li’l Minion!

Aye aye, Captain Dog.

Dog is truly a rock star.

Twitter, of course, immediately took a liking to Dog and let its feelings be known. Even Cher was impressed with Dog’s style!

However, there’s one Twitter user who had the best comment of all.

BRB, gotta go book plane tickets. Must meet the cat named Dog immediately!

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