This is what happens when your cat is your muse and you’re an amazing cartoonist

If you’re a pet owner, you probably take that title very seriously. Pet parents share this common bond. You can glance over at a person walking their dog and think, Hi. Yes, I understand you. I, too, am madly in love with my pet. And if there’s one person who understands this specific type of love, it’s German animation student Julija K.

Online, the artist goes by the name Miyuli. On various forms of social media, she displays her impressive animations. But, most importantly, she also takes the time to introduce followers to her beautiful grey-and-white cat (who is both adorable and photogenic). Here, see for yourself:

Now that is one feline who knows how to work the camera – so it’s no wonder why the kitty’s mom couldn’t resist making this fur baby her muse.

To express her creativity and pay homage to her cat, Miyuli decided to draw her pet from many different perspectives. In a set of 12 different styles, the cartoonist depicted her animal companion. She started off with a realistic sketch, which is impeccably detailed. Then, she moved on to her own unique style, a Disney rendition that evokes The Aristocats, a Tim Burton-esque cat, and a Simon’s Cat recreation. Of course, she completed a Garfield cat and one that looks like Pusheen. There’s also an Adventure Time, Okami, and Chi’s Sweet Home cat – but our personal favorites just so happen to be the Powerpuff Girls and a Dr. Seuss-style kitty. They are absolute perfection.

Oh, and we couldn’t resist sharing this sketch, which is the definition of delightful:

After marveling at Miyuli’s cat-based series, we really hope she takes commissions. Because we’d love nothing more than to have our pet transformed into Pusheen. (Seriously, Julija. If you’re reading this, let us know!)

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