This cat is totally the leash-boss of the family dog

Meet Sammy the dog. Sammy is having kind of rough day, you guys. It seems a cat has gotten ahold of his leash, and now kitty is drunk with power. Poor Sammy. He’d like to walk around a little bit. He doesn’t look like he’s about to make a break for it and run away or anything. He just wants to mosey maybe a few feet or so. But kitty is NOT having it.

We have to say, Sammy seems a little baffled at first. When his owner calls him and he can’t seem to get anywhere, he kind of has a look in his face that says WHAT IS HAPPENING? Then he turns around and realizes what’s up. Oh, the cat. This dog knows better than to take on the cat. He sits in weary resignation.

We bow down to you, kitty. So does Sammy.

[Image and video via YouTube.]

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