Cat Mothers

Is it wrong that I engage in conversation with work colleagues about my cat in the same manner that they refer to their children? As far as I’m concerned, Cedric is also my ‘Little One’, only slightly more furry. Cedric, of course, was named after the Hufflepuff character in Harry Potter (before his glittery chest days).

Cedric was given to me as a kitten on Valentine’s day 2009, he was a bribe from my mother to distract me away from a turbulent on/off relationship, which I’d managed to drag out for years. And I gotta say, it did work for a good two months.

I’m not the maternal type by any means, but it does appear that I’ve fashioned my ownership of a cat into ‘parenthood’. Making sure I go straight downstairs in the morning to give Cedric his breakfast, followed by a bowl of cat milk, and then waiting for him to decide on his itinerary for the day is just a part of my daily cat mother routine. Last summer he disappeared on a six day excursion, and I literally felt like I’d had a limb removed.

There’s a human personality to Cedric that I constantly refer to…I’ll joke with friends that he’s probably at home practicing playing drums or starting up his Harley Davidson, they just smile and nod. When I’m at work I’ll wonder what Cedric is up to back home, who he’s come across, what he’s found etc. Yes, okay I do sound a bit crazy, I’m pretty sure I get it from my mother.

I’m not going to lie, I have indeed attempted to get Cedric to adorn some haute couture. On his first birthday he was sporting a rather dashing ensemble – the black bow tie really topped it off nicely. The English winter is awfully chilly, so it’s perfectly reasonable to get him to wear a blue hand-knitted scarf isn’t it?! I have always loved the idea of kitty sized Ugg Boots, unfortunately I haven’t come across such delights, yet.

Cedric isn’t just my ‘dependent’, he’s also my BFF. I think it’s essential for every girl to have a feline best friend, why should only men get best friends in the furry form?? If it’s good enough for Audrey Hepburn then it’s good enough for me. Plus, if he had opposable thumbs, I know he’d always text me back.

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