This is what happens when a human wears a cat mask in front of cats

Most cat lovers celebrated this past National Cat Day by posting pictures of their beloved cat companions on Instagram and Facebook. Some bought their kitties outfits, toys, or special treats and called it a day.

Well, cat-owner T.J. Browne Jr., who took the feline festivities to a whole new level. This self-identified “CatDad” donned a terrifyingly realistic cat mask before visiting his pets, and in doing so scared the wits out of a whole crib of kittens!

The effect is pretty insane, and it’s no wonder that this clip, which clocks in at just over 30-seconds, has been viewed over 400,000 times. While Browne admits that terrifying his pets was not his intention, he concedes it was “funny as Hell.”

We agree, but we hope Browne took the mask off before attempting to comfort his cats!

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