This cat seriously loves hearing its human play the piano

Even if you sign up to clothe, house, feed, protect and love on a cat for all of its days, there’s only so much taming they’ll stand for. However, this cat that loves hearing its human play the piano has us convinced that musical talent might be the way to get a little more cooperation out of them (read: attention, affection, or any other indication that cats don’t just want to murder us all).

It doesn’t take an expert in all things feline to tell you that the furry creatures are perpetually unbothered, which is one of those things all cat owners can relate to and don’t waste time taking personally. They just go about their normal human lives, trying to avoid pissing off their purring pet and being totally surprised when something actually satisfies the animal.

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That’s basically what happened when musician Sarper Duman tickled the ivories for one of his cats. If this cat could talk, it would probably express extreme satisfaction in poetry form because these piano melodies put it in a serious #mood for love:

If you’ve ever seen a cat and a laptop, then you’re already familiar with the feline’s obsession with keyboards. But that’s typically because they’re trying to solicit attention from an otherwise occupied human. In this case of this cat, the envy is replaced with heart eyes. We honestly don’t think we’ve seen a more satisfied cat in our lives.

Since a recent study claimed that cats are basically smart jerks, any struggling cat owners out there who embrace the animals’ intelligence but want to give them an attitude adjustment *might* want to invest in piano lessons.