This adooorable cat can’t stop looking at just how handsome he is in the mirror

Meet Caesar the cat! This adorable little guy is giving us ALL the #selfesteemgoals. When he looks at himself in the mirror, he legit can’t believe what he sees. His wide-eyed expression says it all. He’s completely enamored with himself.

We’re not quite sure he even realizes it’s him. That meow sounds an awful lot like, “Hey there, handsome.” And his hop down from the sink looks at tad like that awkward moment when you realize you’re making the moves on your actual reflection instead of, say, another living being. (I hate it when that happens.)

But Caesar can’t resist the beauty of his own gray fur and piercing yellow eyes. He hops back up there for another look. Not that we blame him. He’s perfectly gorge.

This is how all of us should react when we look in the mirror. For real, guys.

[Image and video via YouTube.]