HELP! People are freaking out over this picture of a cat hiding in some logs

The internet loves to have meltdowns about things, especially when those things involve cats or bizzarre viral pictures shared on Reddit or Tumblr. Literally, do you remember THE DRESS!? That was a scary and dark time for everyone. It seems, though, that as a collected entity, we’ve not learned our lessons when it comes to freaky pictures and optical illusions.

One user on Reddit uploaded a picture of what appears to just be a stack of logs. Yet, the user, waterhauler, titled the picture “Find a cat.”

Yep, hidden in the depths of this picture is actually a cat and OH GOOD GRIEF WE’RE FREAKING OUT.


Can you see it?

Taking to the comments under the picture on Reddit, users were completely stumped. “Wow. Before and after looking at the comments I thought this was a troll,” wrote user BluSilver, while cooneyes said, “It’s hard to believe it took me so long to find the cat because it’s in full view, plain as day. (Actually I have no fucking idea where the cat is).”


Of course, once users started seeing the cat they were pretty impressed that they’d managed to miss it. “Looks like an entirely different photo once you find it,” said wildism.

So, can you see the cat? If you’re still struggling to work out where it is, you can click HERE to find out.