Finally, a way to stop your cat from sitting on your laptop

There you are, sitting down to watch a casual Netflix marathon on your laptop, when your cat lovingly joins you. “Aww, Cat does love me,” you might think. Cat purrs and rubs her head against your arm, signifying that she really needs you to pet her immediately. You oblige, because she’s Cat, and you love her. But she quickly gets bored with your hand and makes her way onto your laptop, because why not? After all, she owns everything in your house. So there the two of you are — you trying to see around Cat so you can watch your marathon, and Cat laying across the keyboard and using it like her very own scratching board. She presses so many buttons that Netflix disappears and programs you didn’t even know you had pop up. Oh, the trials and tribulations of having a cat for a roommate — but not anymore!

The cool cats at SUCK UK have made a laptop for cats (AKA a cattop) and it’s not only adorable, it also seems to be a highly-efficient way to watch Netflix with no kitty obstructions. It’s made out of cardboard and comes equipped with cat-themed stickers, an irresistibly scratchy cardboard keyboard, a fluffy toy mouse, and customizable desktop wallpaper that you can slide in and out of the hi-res “screen” if your cat wants to switch from Netflix to online shopping . . . or whatever.

You’ll probably need to pretend to be super interested in the cattop for a while so your cat will know to steal it away from you. BUT, if you have a cat who loves laying on your laptop more than your lap, this cattop is probably the best thing you could ever do for your cat and your sanity.

The cattop is $35 and yeah, we’re officially all about it.

Check it out in all of it’s glory.

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[Featured images via SUCK UK]