So, this adorable cat keeps putting its arms in the air and no one knows why but it’s the best thing ever

It doesn’t take a genius or a feline connoisseur to comprehend what it means when a cat sits on your laptop. Even though the furry creatures don’t pay bills or buy groceries, the gesture makes it clear that a) your pet cat owns you and your entire life, and b) King Kitty wants to you immediately stop what you’re doing and pay attention to it, dammit. However, in the case of this cat that keeps putting its arms in the air, we’re still trying to figure out precisely what this means. But we do know one thing: We’re committed to looking at the cat’s Instagram photos as many times as possible even if we never figure out exactly what this cat is trying to tell the world.

Keys the cat — affectionately nicknamed Goalkitty — has this strange daily habit of stretching her paws up to the sky and not even her owner Peter Mares knows why. His Instagram feed features Goalkitty in her favorite pose, which has us convinced that this cat really wants a hug or is simply into yoga. If you doubt us, cats do yoga IRL and Keys’ go-to position looks just like the starting position of the half-moon posture.

Here’s Keys posing by the rug:

Keys on the console table, flexin’ with her paws up:

Seriously, cat?! Why are you like this?:

Here she is with her owner, either yawning or meowing while stretching (you be the judge):

Getting cozy by the fireplace:

While lurking through this cat’s fabulous Instagram pics is way more entertaining than it should be, we’re all out of guesses. In the meantime, we’ll have to consult with Taylor Swift’s cat for possible explanations and get back with you.

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