So, this cat is just being a jerk about yoga

This cat wasn’t feeling its owner’s impressive yoga moves —and like all cats, it wasn’t shy about sharing its feelings. The cat’s owner was taping herself do an epic head stand, when along came her orange tabby, who basically ruined everything. Instead of politely watching from a distance, this rude kitty decided to lay down, directly in front of the lens. Because why would it lay anywhere else when it could be the center of attention in that exact spot?

While the cat did its own Chaturanga, which basically entailed laying down and yawning, it didn’t care at all about anything going on in the background. Yoga has yet to name a position after cats (there’s no “downward facing cat,” after all), so this one was obviously just feeling like it didn’t owe yoga anything. And that’s totally fine, because now we have this fantastic video to watch at least 20 more times today.

Take a look at the amazing jerkiness of this yoga-hating cat:

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