This cat interrupted a baseball game and showed off its dazzling cat-crobatic skills

It doesn’t take a feline expert to tell you that cats venture wherever they want, whenever they please and generally give zero effs about who they inconvenience in the process. Blessing us with some rather spectacular visuals to back up that fact is this cat that interrupted a baseball game and distracted everyone with its delightful cat-crobatic skills.

As CBS News reports, a gray cat ran onto the Miami Marlins field halfway through the team’s Tuesday night game against the Atlanta Braves. A player and a few employees tried and failed to catch the animal, but eventually the cat chase caused a delay in the game when the kitty expertly scaled an illuminated T-Mobile advertisement and eventually made it on the team’s home run sculpture, which was deactivated in order to protect the cat.

Despite the game interruption, the Marlins seemed to be thrilled about having the cat on the premises, on National Pet Day, no less. They even nicknamed the agile kitty #RallyCat.

“Look at this cat,” Marlins announcer Rich Waltz said during the live broadcast. “Terrific stuff by the cat. Outstanding!”

After the game ended, Marlins Park shared an update on Twitter, writing that #RallyCat was rescued.

"Upon being rescued safely, #RallyCat’s elusiveness persisted, and it again ran away – this time into the night," the tweet read. "Rally on, #RallyCat!"

LOL. Cats — gotta love ’em. Too bad this kitty didn’t stick around the field and make some human friends. We have a feeling that he would make a great unofficial mascot or good luck charm for the team, which finished the game with an 8-4 win.