This cat totally hates it when her human sings ABBA

One cat is *not* thanking her human for the singing.

A New Jersey house cat named Sunny may look cute as can be, but she gets her claws out when her owner, Marianne Kane, dares to sing ABBA. Though it’s unfortunate for Marianne — who has a totally lovely voice, BTW — it’s pretty hilarious to watch, as Marianne proved when she took a video of Sunny pouncing on her as she sang ABBA’s “Thank You For The Music.”

In the video, Sunny stalks over to Marianne as she sings before pouncing five times, finally swatting her on the face to get her to stop.


“Maybe she doesn’t like my singing,” Marianne, who runs a fitness and lifestyle business called Myomy, told Cater News Agency.

But despite her angry quirks, Marianne doesn’t have any bad blood toward her feline pal. “Sunny has the most amusing character of any cat we’ve ever owned,” Marianne told Caters. “She has a ton of energy, she’s extremely intelligent, talkative, and always looking for something to destroy or attack. We love her so much in spite of the fact that she has a tendency to play rough.”

We have a feeling Sunny doesn’t have a problem with Marianne’s beautiful voice. Maybe she just doesn’t like ABBA. . . so Marianne, whatever you do, just don’t sing “Dancing Queen.”

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