This cat hanging out with a rattlesnake is possibly the bravest animal on the planet

Plenty of people give felines an awful hard time about not being amicable, but this cat that befriended a rattlesnake would kindly beg to differ with that assessment. And we would too, because casually chillin’ with a poisonous serpent isn’t exactly the sign of a creature that’s not interested in getting along with others. Honestly, we kind of feel embarrassed by this carefree relationship. If a cat and snake can become best buds, we should probably work on being more patient with our friends and loved ones.

Since this clearly qualifies as one of those unexpected life lessons we can learn from animals, let us take in the photographic evidence of the peaceful (and slightly terrifying) cat and snake union shared on Laguna Vista Police Department’s Facebook page.

As Mashable reports, the authorities posted the image in order to warn residents about the presence of a large snake, but they didn’t realize they would also have a hand in showing us how we’re supposed to gracefully handle being in the presence of someone (or something) that’s normally regarded as an enemy.

Um, it’ll definitely take some work on our parts to arrive at this cat’s level of chill. We’ve seen felines and serpents get unusually close before (remember that cat with a snake stuck up its nose?), but something about this scene feels a little more eerie.

Normally, any unlikely animal BFFs we come across are met with so many feels, but at the moment, the only thing we’re experience are a whole lotta chills.