This cat got caught stealing a cinnamon bun and his guilty face is hilarious

Listen up, pets: If you’re going to get caught red-handed taking food from humans, you might want to work on your poker faces. In other words, do the exact opposite of this cat that got caught stealing a cinnamon bun, which means keeping a straight mug no matter how guilty you feel. Otherwise, we’ll be forced to post your funny cat facial expressions on social media and invite the rest of the world to make fun of you (it’s all love, though).

If Percy the cinnamon bun-thieving cat was actually trying to talk to you (instead of not-so-slyly pilfering a sweet snack), we’re convinced he’d spend the entire conversation explaining to you the lengths to which he’s willing to go to get his paws on one of the sticky buns.

According to Bored Panda, this isn’t Percy’s first time snatching a bun from his humans — and judging by the helpless look of guilt on his face, this definitely won’t be his last.

Percy’s owner Sophie Lindner told Buzzfeed that her cat’s been busted lifting all kinds of junk food, including “chocolate cupcakes, PayDay bars, popcorn, ham, chicken, beef jerky, pasta, Cheez-Its…” and more.

Honestly, it sounds like Lindner should drop Percy off at the grocery store so he can do his own shopping because stealing all of those human snacks without chipping in on the bill is downright rude.

As for his Christmas Day stunt? Lindner says Percy knows very well what not to do, but he couldn’t resist the lure of the cinnamon bun. “He knows that the word ‘NO’ in a low tone means ‘don’t do whatever you’re about to do’,” she said.

We feel your pain, Percy. We truly do. And if we see you struggling to reach a box of cinnamon buns on the snack aisle, we’ll totally help you out, as long as you don’t still snacks from our basket.