Cat faces in coffee cups? Yes, please

Aside from a donut or any other pastry of equal deliciousness, I thought there was absolutely nothing that could make a morning cup of coffee more enjoyable than it already is. I was wrong. I was really really wrong.

A barista in Japan has taken her artistic talents to the mug. She has created photorealistic drawings of cats in coffee mugs. And by photorealistic, I mean they are so realistic looking that it would probably be too sad to drink them. According to her Twitter, the latte artist is the mother of a six-year-old cat named Donguri and a foster mother to two kittens named Mugi and Uutan. They are the inspiration behind her incredibly detailed foam creations.

I can’t get over how realistic these liquid cat portraits are. Like, how are those whiskers and eye sparkles even possible? I can’t even draw a stick figure cat with a pencil. Check out the amazingness:

And if these coffee cats weren’t enough happiness for one day, there’s also this piece of good news — you can put marshmallow cats into your coffee or hot cocoa! For now, they are only available in Japan. But just knowing they exist is really all we need.

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