This cat got Instagram famous thanks to her beautiful (fake) eyelashes

Watch out, Selena Gomez, because we think we might have found the next best Instagram of all time. It belongs to Pitzush, a Nebelung cat from Romania who gained Instagram fame thanks to her glamorous headshots — complete with colorful false eyelashes.

Her Instagram bio describes Pitzush as a “rescued, fashionista cat” and we couldn’t agree more. The account documents her fabulous daily outfits and travel destinations, and somehow this feline manages to give us daily human fashion goals as well.

At over 21 thousand followers, Pitzush is sitting pretty — literally. These pictures are breathtaking and uncontrollably adorable. I mean, have you ever been able to match your eyelashes to your outfits so well?

It’s safe to say we’re in love with this 8-year-old glamor queen who, according to People, came from humble beginnings. When she was first adopted, her teeth were crazy infected, and required several surgeries before they looked like the pearly whites we see in these photos.

And, lest you were worried, Pitzush is just as Instagram-worthy au natural as well.

And for those of you who may be worried about a cat wearing false eyelashes, it’s okay. Pitzush’s owner, Roxana Dulama, Photoshops them in after dressing her up in the dresses and jewelry for the shot.

We love Pitzush no matter what she’s wearing, because she inspires us every day to live our best lives. I mean, doesn’t this look like the best life to you?

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