To get a lioness cat-eye like Beyoncé’s, all you need is this $3 tool

Has there ever been a time when Beyoncé’s makeup didn’t look ***flawless? No? (We didn’t think so.) Besides the fact that her face is perfection, she has beauty master Sir John behind her — and that man never gets makeup wrong.

Sir John, who created many of the unforgettable looks featured in Bey’s Lemonade visual album, recently chatted with Amazon Style Code about fall beauty trends and explained how to get a cat-eye as sharp as Bey’s, using nothing but a pointed cotton swab. (Yes, you read that correctly.)


He explains,

“Something like that is going to give you all the definition you need to go in there and clean up, and make this as beautifully precise as you’d like.”


Yes, he’s talking about Q-tips. And guess how much his swabs of choice cost? Less than $3 for 170.


Sir John was responsible for Bey’s beauty looks during her “On the Run” tour with Jay Z in 2014, and he told Vogueback then that he used skinny cotton swabs to perfect her “feline” look.

“We wanted something that would read to the rafters and give her face a sense of life and vitality,” he said.

We’d say he did a pretty spectacular job.

Watch the video below to see Sir John’s super-easy trick for the perfect cat-eye.

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