We just discovered cat bunk beds are a thing (thank god)

So apparently, some clever cat owners have started hacking IKEA furniture to make cat beds. No, we’re not talking about your standard pillow-thing that we give to cats and call a bed. We’re talking actual wooden bed frames and cat-sized mattresses. Literal cat beds. Bored Panda clued us in on the trend — which basically involves taking IKEA’s line of doll furniture (why didn’t we think of that!) and repurposing it.

But here’s the thing. Some people repurpose it so hard they’ve turned those cat beds into bunk beds. Just take a minute and process that: cat bunk beds.

We started wondering, wait, are cats in bunk beds a thing? Have other people thought of this magnificent concept even outside of IKEA doll furniture? We turned to the Internet for answers and the Internet did not let us down. CAT BUNK BEDS ARE A TOTAL THING. So please, indulge us in a few more found photos of cats stacked and ready for sleepovers.

This looks a little tight, but whatever.

Four baseballs, a couple of wooden legs and some suitcases? CAT BUNK BED.

Kittens just waking up after a night in the bunker. 

Someone called the top bunk already.

No really, say goodbye to your suitcases. This so much more important. 

OK, not really a bunk bed, but these guys don’t know the difference. 

This is just ridiculous, is it not?

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