This sick cat broke into an apartment to get help — and we love this story’s happy ending

Usually, when a break-in happens, we’re left horrified by the crime that’s committed and the damage left behind. But with this particular instance, we’re left with more questions about the culprits than usual — particularly about how adorable they are.

You see, a stray Bronx cat broke into an apartment looking for help and shelter — and the Internet is all abuzz about it.

Kenia Castellanos, who runs the Hudson Valley branch of animal advocacy group Empty Cages Collective, told the story. Reportedly, the cat entered a stranger’s apartment through an open window. The orange and white cat, now named Zebro, wasn’t in the best shape when he took shelter there.

It turns out that he had been suffering from hunger, dehydration, ear infections, an infection in his upper respiratory system, and renal failure.

Thankfully, Empty Cages Collective was able to come to his rescue.

They created a fundraising page for Zebro’s medical expenses, and were able to help get him proper shelter. And more proof that this little cat burglar knew exactly what he was doing when he broke in — he displayed no signs of aggression when they came to remove him from the apartment, which isn’t typical for cats.

And the best part? Zebro is now happy and healthy, living in the Castellanos’ home, enjoying his curiosity in an easygoing and mellow way.

There won’t be any need for more break-ins in this cat’s future.