This woman wrote illustrated cat biographies for her catsitter, and you honestly just have to see it

Before we delve too deeply into this story of cat-based insanity, we just want to say — we get it. We really do.

Right before leaving her adorable cats in the hands of a petsitter, one cat owner left extensive, illustrated biographies for each cat so the sitter would deeply understand each creature. And they’re riveting.

The cats, named Pootydoots, Lucy, Jack, and Cooper, went viral after their owner’s daughter, Allison, tweeted about their bios. From what Allison shared, it’s obvious that each cat has a distinct personality. For example, Cooper has only hissed a few times but will totally steal wet food from the rest of the gang. Lucy is the friendliest of the bunch and is expected to be problem-free. Jack, on the other hand, is skittish and might be hiding inside of a drawer if he happens to go MIA. That’s actually a pretty good note for a petsitter, as there’s nothing worse than thinking you’ve lost a pet.

Also, a note on Jack — he drools when you pet him, FYI.

Here are all four notes, since we feel everyone should know about their cute quirks.

So next time someone (a dog person, probably) tells you that all cats are independent and standoffish, you might want to show them these tweets. Also, in case you missed it, Lucy’s a “puker,” so catsitters beware!

All kidding aside, we’re admittedly pretty obsessed with this woman’s level of commitment to her kitties. And like we said, we get it. 

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