See-through cat carrier backpack, we need you

A new satchel exists that allows cat owners to take their cats with them to places in serious style. The bag (which comes in backpack, roller, and cross-body styles) is ventilated and completely safe for cats, and just happens to be see-through, allowing cats to see the sights and for the sights to see the cats. Yes, we know that a lot of pet carriers are mesh and allow pets a gauzy view of the outside world, but what we love about these bad boys is that it makes it look like your cat is looking through a porthole window. Really, is there anything cuter?

The Patent Bubble Pet Carriers are brought to us by U-Pet, a company that seems to focus solely on creating designs that involve clear plastic bubbles. For the viewing pleasure of humans, the carriers make the cats look like tiny astronauts — which we definitely aren’t mad about.

The carriers come in a wide variety of designs:

And like we said, astronauts.

It’s unclear whether cats love this new invention or absolutely hate it. We all know, some cats are happiest at home where they can roam free. Because they’re cats, and cats do things on cat time. But for those cats who crave a little adventure outside the safety of their home, this backpack might be exactly what they never knew they needed. There are also those semi-necessary moments when you need to take your cat out of the house, these bags are perfect.

Maybe, just maybe, seeing the world will make the whole leaving the house thing a little more manageable for our cats? Then again, maybe not. Either way, it’s a pretty adorable way to get your cat from here to there.

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(Images via U-Pet)