A new allergy vaccine could finally let anyone become a cat person

Cat people, rejoice: A new vaccine is in development that aims to significantly reduce symptoms brought on by allergies to fluffy felines. This isn’t just good news for everyone who wants to curl up with a pack of kittens; it’s even better news for cats themselves.

Despite all the #caturday photos we scroll through on Instagram on the daily, allergies are still one of the leading reasons cats are abandoned worldwide. Having a product like this available for cat parents would mean not only are fewer animals abandoned, but even more could find purrfect furever homes with parents who aren’t sniffling, sneezing, or scratching rashes all day long.

“Of the 3.4 million cats abandoned annually to U.S cat shelters, approximately 1.4 million of these animals are euthanized,” reports the Swiss company behind the potential vaccine, HypoPet, in a statement.

Basically, this could be huge. Here’s how it works:

After multiple clinical trials involving more than 50 cats, the scientists at HypoPet determined vaccinating cats will allow them to produce higher levels of the antibodies needed to reduce their allergic impact. The kitty-allergy culprit is a protein called Fel d 1, which according to HypoPet’s study is “secreted into saliva and tears and found on the pelt” and impacts approximately 85% of people who exhibit symptoms.

Dog people: Gird your loins, as you might be on the verge of being outnumbered.

There are all kinds of benefits to this vaccine, including reducing the risk of childhood asthma for kittens who live with kids.

Dr. Gary Jennings, CEO of HypoPet AG, said the HypoCat vaccine will hopefully be on the U.S. market soon. And when it is, dog people everywhere will just have to wait their turn.

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