This castle in Wales is bleeding flowers for the most tragically beautiful reason

This week in Wales, a stunning new art exhibition is opening, but the canvas isn’t really something we predicted. Caenarfon Castle is a picturesque landmark in northern Wales and has been since the 14th century, when it was built by King Edward I.


Now, an incredible art piece has just been unveiled that features thousands of poppies streaming out of one of the windows of Caenarfon Castle, and it comes with a very profound message.

The piece is a memorial to all of the Welsh soldiers who died in World War I, and its beauty is giving us all the feels.


The piece was created by artist Paul Cummins and is known as Weeping Window. The art installation will be accompanied by a special exhibition called Remembrance for Peace.

The piece is part of a lead up to Remembrance Day on November 11th.


Remembrance Day is the day in the UK and Commonwealth countries where people remember those lost in World War I. The effect of the approximately 6,000 poppies represents only a small number of the Welsh soldiers lost in the war, and it is a haunting reminder of what was lost.

This display is actually part of a series that has traveled all over the UK to commemorate those lost in World War I.


Here, at the Tower of London, the piece featured one poppy for every soldier who died from the British and Colonial forces in World War I.


The Weeping Window also traveled to the St. Magnus Cathedral in Kirkwell, Scotland.

We are totally in awe of the tragic beauty of this piece.