The cast of ‘Parks and Recreation’ documented their last day on set: BRB, sobbing.

Yesterday (December 12th) was the last day ever of filming for Parks and Recreation.The sitcom, which will start up again January 13th, is on its final season, and it’s been SUCH an incredible, hilarious, and emotional journey.

Because of Parks and Recreation, we were introduced to the waffle-loving, Joe Biden fangirling, Type A Leslie Knope. We fell in love with the sarcastic but endlessly lovable April Ludgate and her goofy and perma-jolly husband, Andy Dwyer. We envied Donna Meagle’s impeccable style and swagger, and we always kinda wanted to hug Tom Haverford, no matter what kind of horrible, life-altering decision he made.

We spent five years feeling super bad for Jerry Gergich and his ever-changing name and ripping pants. We only felt infinite adoration for the benevolent and awkward Ann Perkins, who was the best BFF ever to Leslie. We rooted for Ben Wyatt from day one, and cried tears of happiness and joy when he proposed to Leslie. We cherished every bit of Ron Swanson‘s Libertarian, carnivorous, wonderfully apathetic ways. And we obsessed over Lil’ Sebastian (even though we weren’t quite sure why).

We will miss you guys SO MUCH when Parks and Rec is over.  Scope out some of these tear-jerking photos the cast uploaded on to Twitter and Instagram after their last day of casting, and cry with us:

Is April Ludgate getting emotional? Are we sure we’re on Planet Earth? WHAT IS HAPPENING.

Could this possibly be cuter than the 2014 Oscars selfie? (Correct answer: duh.)

We can’t with these sad, pouty faces!

One of Leslie Knope’s finest creations.

I think Nick Offerman is truly feeling some feelings here, you guys.

One last JJ’s Diner plate of waffles for the road!

So many funny, frustrating, and epic things happened in this here court room. Good times, everyone.

We’ll miss seeing this iconic Pawnee glass panel.

AWWW. It’s Ben and Leslie’s wedding! Which Councilman Jamm ended up ruining (you jerk! But I’ll even miss you, Jamm!).

Pregnant Ann Perkins is just TOO CUTE to bear.

And finally, Parks and Rec wouldn’t be Parks and Rec without Ron Swanson looking mischievous and April Ludgate being fantastically rude. It’s been such a magnificent five years, y’all.

Images: Twitter, Instagram

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