The cast of “The Handmaid’s Tale” emphasized that their show was not feminist, and we have questions

We’re almost positive that everyone’s heard of Hulu’s new (supposedly) feminist show The Handmaid’s Tale, by now. And if you haven’t, we’re totally encouraging you to get from under that rock you’ve been hiding, ASAP. The series, which stars Alexis Bledel and Elisabeth Moss, is an adaptation of the 1985 dystopian novel about an odd future, where women are essentially cattle-duffed and forced to bare children for high-society families.

The show’s cast lead a panel discussion about the new Hulu series at the Tribeca Film Festival recently to talk about the show’s dynamics. And things got a little weird when the panelists made a point to tell the audience that Margaret Atwood’s tale of heroism is far from anything “feminist.”

But, just one look at the trailer and you’ll totally feel “feminist” vibes, too.

During the panel discussion, Elisabeth Moss, who plays Offred in the series, started the discussion on whether or not it’s feminist.

According to Reuters, she said, "For me, it's not a feminist story. It is a human story because women's rights are human rights. I never approach anything with any sort of political agenda. I approach it from a very human place."


Considering the show’s premise, Moss’ remarks come off a little bit dismissive — if we’re being honest.

Did we miss the memo that being a “feminist” or related to “feminism” is now a bad thing? Admittedly, we’re not too sure what Moss and the rest of the panelists were trying to get at. And we’re not alone.

After word got out about the cast adamantly denying the show’s feminist ties, many influencers and folks looking forward to the production shared their opinions all over Twitter.


Yeah, it’s all a bit confusing. But we’re going to stay hopeful that the panel’s reasoning for treating “feminism” as if it’s a dirty word will all make sense in the future.

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