A fitness trainer photoshopped herself to have the “perfect” body throughout history, and the results will make you rethink perfection

The body-positive movement is amazing, but sometimes, it’s easier to talk about self-love than actually put it into practice. So if you’re looking for a little perspective, something that a fitness trainer shared on Instagram this week might just do it for you.

As we all know, standards of beauty are constantly changing, and when you compare what makes the “perfect body” from one decade or era to the next, the differences can be staggering. One minute, thick thighs and a booty are coveted, in the next, everyone’s trying to look pencil-thin. But when it comes down to it, all that matters is how you feel about yourself, and fitness trainer Cassey Ho—who you might know as Blogilates on Instagram—is here to prove it.

In a November 27th Instagram post, Ho shared photos of herself photoshopped to meet beauty standards throughout history, and it’s pretty wild how different these images are.

For the most recent time period, her hips were widened and her waist was narrowed, while her lips and butt were made bigger. But in her mid-’90s through early-2000s photo, it was all about that thigh gap.

In the early ’90s? Super skinny. And from the 1400s to the 1700s, a rounder stomach was in, because being well-fed was a sign of wealth. The fact that these body types are all so different is exactly the point Ho was trying to make.

“Why do we treat our bodies like we treat fashion? ‘Boobs are out! Butts are in!’ Well, the reality is, manufacturing our bodies is a lot more dangerous than manufacturing clothes,” Ho wrote on IG. “Stop throwing your body out like it’s fast fashion. Please treat your body with love & respect and do not succumb to the beauty standard. Embrace your body because it is YOUR own perfect body.”

She’s right—all bodies are different, and the standard of what’s “in” is forever going to change. Why bother keeping up with the trends when you can work on loving yourself for who you are right now? It’s easier said than done, but hopefully Ho’s post will help you think of bodies (including yours) in a different way. After all, it’s the only one you’ve got.

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