“Caspering” might be the first dating trend that doesn’t make you want to throw up

For the most part, no one particularly likes ghosts — we’re talking about the ghosts who haunt the scary house at the end of the street and the ghosts who leave you hanging after two dates. The only ghost we’ll tolerate is Casper the Friendly Ghost and, lucky for us, “caspering” is yet another trend currently sweeping the dating scene. Unlike the utterly infuriating “ghosting” trend, caspering won’t make you want to run away screaming from romance.

The International Business Times coined the phrase that aims to encourage people to be more friendly to those they date. Rather than falling off the face of the Earth by not responding to texts or on social media, casperers go the extra mile and actually call off a burgeoning relationship. Take a note from Casper’s book and be nice. It’s not that hard.

One Condoms ambassador and Superdrug sex educator Alix Fox told IBT, "Try to leave [the person you're caspering] with a compliment or some constructive feedback so they feel bolstered to keep on looking for love. For example: 'It's been really nice when you've thoughtfully asked me how my days have gone — that's such a great trait, so thank you. Good luck for the future!'"

Sure, getting dumped is never fun. But having the actual “Listen, I’m just not that into you” conversation is so much healthier for one’s mental state — especially when you compare it to leaving the situation to fester with zero communication.

Caspering someone does the former — it officially ends the relationship, but does so in a positive, respectful way.

Both parties are then free to move on and find that special someone who makes their heart swoon as much as ours do while watching Christina Ricci dance with human Casper in the 1995 live-action flick. Love is real.


If you’re feeling tempted to ghost someone, casper them instead. It will leave you and the person you dated more satisfied and able to move forward.

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