So this happened: Judge rules casino waitresses can be fired for gaining weight

Whether it’s getting underpaid as a professional cheerleader or developing hearing loss as a hostess at a nightclub, women whose job it is to look good do not have it easy. Just ask the 21 cocktail waitresses in Atlantic City who lost their case against the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa and its incredibly sexist appearance standards.

According to the waitresses, they were regularly required to appear for weigh-ins and were suspended if their body weight rose 7 percent above what it was when they were hired. The judge in the case, who refused to take it to trial, ruled that the women were aware of the casino’s strict appearance standards when they were brought on. Ugh.

The good news, though, is that 11 of the 21 women who had “documented medical conditions or post-pregnancy conditions” will be allowed to pursue their case on the grounds of “sexual harassment hostile work environment discrimination.” If they should win it could be a major victory for some of the so-called “Borgata Babes.”

Still, as Eater points out, this one case won’t solve the rampant sexual harassment and gender discrimination in the restaurant industry, where 90 percent of women report being harassed by customers.

“From the court’s perspective, the term ‘babe’ is at best undignified and at worst degrading,” wrote Superior Court judge Nelson Johnson when he allowed the 21 women to proceed with their case in 2013. “Regardless, there are people in our society who view ‘babe’ as playful flattery…To the chagrin of those in our society hoping to leave sexual stereotypes behind, some of those people are female. And some of those people may be among the plaintiffs.”

Too bad the judge who dismissed the women’s case couldn’t see that, too.

(Image via NBC)


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