Just Some Cats In Weird Positions to Get You Through the Day

Here’s an introduction for something that needs no introduction: cats. Cats just want to sleep. Cats just want to eat. Cats just want to be left alone, until they need something from you and then they are all up in your face and on your computer demanding your attention. So clearly, cast are actually hilarious. Cats would make great sarcastic stand-up comedians—think about it for a second.

So in case your day needs a x15 cat boost, I searched the Internet to find you only the best of cats in compromising positions. Have they accidentally caused some mild destruction? Possibly. Are they asleep in weird positions? Definitely. Are they being so adorable you can’t even handle it? Obviously.

This cat wants to know what you look like upside-down. Ok, now he knows.

This little guy didn’t realize falling asleep on the couch would lead to his ultimate disappearance. 

Here is a cat who will actually be pretty mad if you get that 8-ball in the corner pocket.

Here’s more proof that cats can relax ANYWHERE.

Special cameo by Ed Sheeran’s cat, Graham, who does not want Ed to watch Sherlock right now.

This cat’s position is ever-evolving. 

Here’s a cat who just wants to be left alone while he cuddles with his favorite stuffed animal in the sink.

This cat is totally trying to mess with your mind, man.

One of these cats is not like the others. Actually he’s probably kind of annoying the others, but they seem to be resigned to his sleeping habits. Bonus points if you can spot the dog/cat cushion. 

Here are all the makings of a cat. It was just put together the wrong way. 

This cat is just putting it all out there. No shame. 

Is there anything better than a cat sitting like a person? No, there is not.

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