’90s cartoon characters with the raddest style

There’s nothing wrong with admitting your style icon is a cartoon. Some cartoon characters had such great style, it would be hard not to be influenced by their fictional outfits that, of course, never got ruined or worn out. Most of them may have worn the same outfit every day, but their color schemes and stylish combinations never got old.

Angelica from Rugrats

Her mismatched patterns and ponytails were very punk, but also pre-Britney “…Baby One More Time.”

Judy Funnie from Doug

The beret and sunglasses made it OK to have a more “dramatic side,” and her bob was the bob before Amelie. Judy prepared you for your teen angst period you knew you’d experience. You made an early mental note to buy a turtleneck and glasses once you hit 14.

Ashley Spinelli from Recess

When you’re younger, you assumed leather jackets and boots are meant for only biker guys, but Spinelli proved that girls can rock the classic rebel look too. Though her style wasn’t as girly as the other Ashley’s, Spinelli still balanced out her tomboy flare with dresses and tights.

Olga Pataki from Hey Arnold

Though hated by her jealous younger sis Helga, Olga’s style was definitely something to envy. You’d always daydream about how when you’d go to college, you’d look like Olga. Walking the halls wearing a plaid mini-skirt and flipping your “grown-up” hair as you made your way to a three-hour lecture.

The Sailor Scouts from Sailor Moon

From long skirts to short minis, the sailor scouts had possibly the most versatile wardrobes on TV. Though you’d ask your mom to make you a sailor scout uniform to wear on Halloween, secretly you wanted to dress like Serena and her friends the days you weren’t pretending to fight crime.

Misty from Pokémon

The shorts and trademark side ponytail combined classic ’80s with “modern” ’90s casual effortlessly.

Debbie Thornberry from The Wild Thornberrys

The ’90s grunge explosion was heavily documented by MTV, but that doesn’t mean animators weren’t influenced by the growing popularity of flannel and ripped jeans. Sporting headphones, an eye roll and an outfit that fused both Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain, older sister Debbie was the cartoon poster child of grunge.

Jane Lane from Daria

Anyone who’s best friends with Daria is instantly cool already, but Jane Lane took it a step further by not only being the cool friend but the cooler dresser. We will always adore Daria’s signature glasses and hairdo, but Jane Lane’s awesome haircut and multiple piercings was pure punk.

Nicky Little from Pepper Ann

Her long bangs and powder blue sweater possibly influenced Chloe Sevigny, at least that’s our theory. Though Nicky Little was the more soft-spoken of the group, her fashion spoke volumes.

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