Shopping in London’s Camden Town: A cartoon exploration

Although I am more than excited to continue to share my British travels with you guys, I have to admit, this isn’t my first trip overseas! I came out to London about four years ago when I was still in college. During that time it was more of a family trip and I didn’t get to have the down and dirty adventure that I truly wanted. Even though I will never forget my first rendezvous with London, I always regretted my visit to Camden Town. On my trip in college I merely had a 20 minute breeze through a few flea markets and then it was off to meet my mom and Buckingham Palace. I was determined to have a gritty punk-y experience that I read about in zines and this time I couldn’t be happier! So I was stoked to be able to win this trip through 1st Class Fashion, which really helped me have the European trip I always dreamed for!

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