Still wrapping our brains around these bags that look like cartoons

We’ve found our new fave fashion accessory, and they seriously look straight out of One Saturday Morning. In the immortal words of Stefon, these bags “have everything.” They’re the ideal school bag, work bag, wallet/satchel situation — oh yeah and they look like literal cartoons. While they may look fake, we promise you, they are very, very real. Get these in our wardrobes ASAP.

The Taiwan company that makes them, Jump From Paper, started back in 2010 but are having a moment in the Internet sun right now. Everyone is going crazy for these bags, which serve as both totes and optical illusions.

In terms of cost, they bigger backpacks run about $100-$150 — which might mean a bit of saving up. The smaller purses are about $100, and the wallets, purses and clutches are in the way-more-affordable category coming in at $30-60ish. But, considering that you’re buying a conversation starter as well as a rad carry-all, it’s probs worth it.

Now let’s just take a moment and marvel at the beautiful bag collection. They are bright, colorful, and appear big enough to hold everything you need. What more could you want??

The bags are right now only sold in stores in Europe and Asia, but they ship all over over the world. So BRB, gotta go pick ours out.

Images via here.

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