The “Cars 3” teaser trailer is here, and our inner kid is squealing

Pixar just graced us with the first teaser trailer for Cars 3, and it’s looking kind of dark.

The light-hearted kids series is all about teaching life lessons with a few laughs in tow. But this upcoming summer, the movie will involve Lighting McQueen taking a major blow, and now we’re praying that it has a much happier ending.

Pixar is known for merging adult humor with childish themes, so you know we’re jumping for joy at the Cars 3 trailer release! But, we can’t lie — we’re a little on edge after watching the 50-second sneak peak.

Check out the Cars 3 trailer for yourself, and be prepared to have your mouth hit the floor.

Ouch! What a way to lead us all in, Pixar!

Our fave rambunctious race car took quite a beating on the track. And, oh boy, did this hit us right in the feels. But knowing Lighting McQueen, he’ll be fine and will come out on top like the champ he is. (Right? Right?)

The highly anticipated film will come to US theaters in 3D June 16, 2017, so we’ll have a few months to prepare ourselves for the big crash. And in the meantime, we can rewatch the first two movies to reboot our childish excitement.

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